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to Grow Your Business

  • 1-on-1 consulting from Experienced Strategist – NO crowded group coaching where you will be lucky to receive only 3 minutes of the expert’s advise – plus lack of privacy!

  • Virtual 1-on-1 meetings 2 to 3 times per week (only for flagship program) – Accountability to implement and execute plans quickly.

  • Customized Solutions – No automated online course that cannot address your personal concerns or respond to your complicated issues.

I help ambitious people, business professionals, and transitioning companies overcome their lack of leadership confidence to excel in their lives, at their jobs, or in their businesses.

Benefits of Leadership Confidence

  • Mitigate negative situations among management, supervisors, and colleagues to INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY

  • Navigate through work performance challenges from your employees to GROW YOUR BUSINESS

  • Escape the office politics to EXCEL AT YOUR JOB and GET PROMOTED above your peers

  • Turn your self-confidence into Leadership Confidence to EXCEL IN YOUR LIFE

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Scale Your Company
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Business Goals: To Increase Revenue and Profits

6 Actions that will lead you to Grow Your Business RIGHT NOW:

  • HIRE Wendi! Then follow her advice to…

  • Prioritize necessary tasks to ensure time is spent on producing revenue.

  • Automate routine actions to free up time to work on money generating activities.

  • Develop strategic plan to show blueprint of how revenue or cash flow will be increased.

  • Create systems to monetize business.

  • Develop leadership confidence to accomplish ambitious goals.

Execute AS a Leader

The road to success is really about knowing how to overcome obstacles or challenges that would normally destroy the average person.
The absolute KEY FACTOR to any success story is LEADERSHIP CONFIDENCE.
The combination of LEADERSHIP and CONFIDENCE is moving forward when you are nervous, unsure, or fearful, but you STILL have the courage and strength to do what it takes to succeed!
As a seasoned military leader with experience working in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East, I advise ambitious entrepreneurs or challenged organizations on how to overcome the lack of leadership confidence and grow their company into a thriving business and excel in any situation.

Before My Services

After My Services

Scale Your Company

“Leader in

Are you struggling to scale your business?

As a person who has provided advice to people on how to handle challenges and consulted a Fortune 100 company on how to operate more efficiently and business development, you will be shown how to improve your efficiency of the business process to increase your level of revenue.

Are you continuously approached by “so-called experts” that make hard-to-believe success claims?

As a well-trained educated leader with over 20 years as an officer in the U.S. military:

  • You will be guided to use proven techniques to increase business.

  • You will have an experienced strategic planner from a global NATO operation that has insight on how to collaborate with clients of different cultures and background to improve customer service

  • You will have an expert at analyzing and adjusting strategic plans to execute best option to increase business

Do you prefer to create a strategic partnership from a respected leader with multinational and multicultural experiences?

  • You will have access to a leader that is frequently requested to speak at security events at NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre in Souda Bay, Greece, the NATO school in Oberammergau, Germany and cybersecurity conferences in London, England and Glasgow, Scotland

  • You will have an expert at analyzing and adjusting strategic plans to execute best option to increase business